About Us

Buy-O-Rite Corporation was founded in 1997 as a trading company for hand tools. Soon after, with background and knowledge of President Peter Shih and VP Gary Yeh, Buy-O-Rite started to build it's production network and take over manufacturing processes.

Until now, Buy-O-Rite has produced hundreds of products and thousands of parts. Our tools include, but not limit to floor covering tools, hot air tools/welding nozzles, car repairing tool, sockets, combination wrench, folding type hex key wrench.

We offer OEM service to customize your need(Metal Stamping, Aluminum/Zinc Casting, Plastic Injection Molding, Low-Wax Casting...etc). If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us and we shall give you the best offer.

Buy-O-Rite Corporation
TEL: 886-4-2293-9011
FAX: 886-4-2293-3387
E-mail: buyorite@ms18.hinet.net


About President

Peter Shih is President of Buy-O-Rite Corporation and holds more than 30 years of industrial experience.

Prior to founding Buy-O-Rite, Peter served as President of Fort Giant company. He also served as Regional Engineer of Beatrice Chemical (subsidiary of Beatrice Foods, U.S.) and Start-Up Engineer of PECL (subsidiary of Bechtel Group, U.S.).

Peter holds BS of Mechnical Engineering from Feng Chia University.

About Vice President

Gary Yeh is Vice President of Buy-O-Rite Corporation. As a VP of Engineering, Gary posses extensive knowledge of manufacturing and mechanical engineering. He also understands the principal of design and owns hands-on experience.

Gary holds a degree of Mechanical Drafting from National Taipei Institute of Technology (now National Taipei University of Technology).